The tenure debate

By Contributor on February 9, Across the nation, teacher tenure is becoming a major flash point in many states. Florida and New Jersey are considering ending tenure altogether.

The tenure debate

The question of whether public school teachers in the K system should be protected by the system of tenure is a highly controversial one. It is also an extremely important question at the present moment. Many teachers believe that the job security tenure provides is important because it prevents teachers from being fired for reasons of favoritism or local or district politics.

Gives teachers the freedom to experiment or support controversial causes Many say that tenure is important for teachers to delve into potentially untraditional topics. Why Some Want to Eliminate Tenure Makes it unduly difficult to get bad teachers out of the classroom Many dislike tenure for the same reason that others support it: The tenure system can result in serious damage to the education of students who have to suffer through a year of instruction from a teacher who is incompetent, but who cannot be fired due to tenure.

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In an era of very real anxiety about the educational preparedness of American children, this is criticism that cannot be taken lightly. Gives the profession a bad name Not all teachers who currently enjoy the protections of tenure support it.

In fact, many hard-working teachers resent tenure because they believe the system gives their profession a bad name. These teachers fear, perhaps rightly, that the tenure system makes the public view teachers as lazy and entitled, and that this results in decreased respect for the teaching profession.

Tenure Reform A number of educational experts and policy-makers say that they support tenure reform, but do not necessarily advocate doing away with tenure altogether.

The report also called for reform of state licensing programs so that the renewal of teaching credentials is tied to the evaluation of teacher performanceregardless of whether that teacher has tenure.

The Center for American Progress report also called for the federal government to fund research that would investigate how effective different teacher tenure policies are at raising teacher quality and student achievement.

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The findings of such research would be invaluable. Numerical evidence about how tenure helps or hurts teacher quality and student achievement would allow policymakers, teachers, parents, and the wider public to form their opinions about tenure based on an understanding of what will ultimately be best for the students, and ultimately, best for the country.Tenure prohibits school districts from firing experienced teachers to hire less experienced and less expensive teachers.

The threat of firing has increased in recent years as many school districts face budget cuts. In this education article, the pros and cons of teacher tenure are laid out to help educators and those outside the education arena understand both sides of the issue.

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The tenure debate

Textbooks - Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K Schools? College Education - Is a College Education Worth It? Teacher Tenure - Should Teachers Get Tenure? Student Loan Debt - Should Student Loan Debt Be Easier to . Teacher tenure is the increasingly controversial form of job protection that public school teachers and university professors in all states receive after one to seven years on the job.

As you’ll learn in the pros and cons about tenure in this article, tenure isn’t a guarantee that teachers will retain their jobs for life.

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