Technology and its impact in the workplace

Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis How many of us can say, with certainty, what jobs we would choose if we were kids today? This next wave of change will fundamentally reshape all of our careers, my own included. We expect the pace of change in the job market to start to accelerate by Office and administrative functions, along with manufacturing and production roles, will see dramatic declines accounting for over six million roles over the next four years.

Technology and its impact in the workplace

By Kristen Purcell and Lee Rainie Summary of Findings The internet and cell phones have infiltrated every cranny of American workplaces, and digital technology has transformed vast numbers of American jobs. Work done in the most sophisticated scientific enterprises, entirely new technology businesses, the extensive array of knowledge and media endeavors, the places where crops are grown, the factory floor, and even mom-and-pop stores has been reshaped by new pathways to information and new avenues of selling goods and services.

For most office workers now, life on the job means life online.


Pew Research surveyed online a representative sample of adult internet users and asked those who have jobs a series of questions about the role of digital technology in their work lives. This is not a sample representative of all workers. It covers online adults who also have full- or part-time jobs in any capacity.

Technology and its impact in the workplace

Some of the key findings are highlighted below. Email and the internet are deemed the most important communications and information tools among online workers.

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The high value of email comes despite the challenges of the past generation, including threats like spam and phishing and competitors like social media and texting. Surprisingly, landline phones outrank cell phones for these internet-using workers.

Social media is very low in importance. What is potentially surprising is that even in the face of constantly evolving forms of digital communication, potential threats like phishing, hacking and spam, and dire warnings about lost productivity and email overuse, email continues to be the main digital artery that workers believe is important to their jobs.

Since taking hold a generation ago, email has not loosened its grip on the American workplace. While commentators worry that digital tools can be a distraction in the workplace, many online workers say that is not the case when it comes to their productivity.

How Is Technology Impacting the Changes in the 21st Century Workplace? |

Asked about a variety of impacts, notable proportions of these workers say that the internet, email and cell phones: Each of these effects is felt more among Office-Based workers than among traditionally blue collar, Non-Office-Based employees.

Bosses are adapting, too. About this survey The analysis in this report is based on an online probability survey conducted Septemberamong a sample of 1, adult internet users, 18 years of age or older. The survey included adults employed full-time or part-time, who are the basis of this report.

The survey was conducted in English by the GfK Group using KnowledgePanel, its nationally representative online research panel.

Technology’s Impact on Workers | Pew Research Center

Sampling error for the subsample of working adults is plus or minus 4. For more information on the GfK Privacy Panel, please see the Methods section at the end of this report.

References to these findings should make clear they cover employed internet users, not necessarily all workers.Technology’s Increasing Impact on Work by Bob Fox Organizational knowledge is increasing at a rapid pace, and a number of issues surround the office environment today that will undoubtedly impact how we work.

The advancement of technology has made income disparity greater while jobs vanish.

Technology and its impact in the workplace

Here are tips to keep your employment! This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. The Impact of Technology on the Workplace – 5 Steps to Protect Your.

Nov 16,  · Our impact. Explore context Fourth Industrial Revolution When the World Economic Forum surveyed global HR decision-makers, but a more efficient way to work enabled by technology, taking the physical strain from megacities and regionalising work locations.

Technology’s Impact on Workers. Research in late shows that 94% of jobholders are internet users and they work in all kinds of enterprises from technology companies to non-technology firms; Since taking hold a generation ago, email has not loosened its grip on the American workplace.

Jun 28,  · There's no question that technology has radically changed the way companies do business, extend their influence in the global marketplace . The impact of technology on your business can help you grow from a small, homegrown company to a large corporation. However, technology has a more immediate impact on your employees.

Regardless of where you implement new technology in your organization, employees throughout your company will be directly affected in plenty of positive ways.

How Is Technology Impacting the Changes in the 21st Century Workplace? |