Smoking ban argument

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Smoking ban argument

Assume, you one of the member of a real group discussion. Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts. Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution.


Nov 12, Hello friends, According to my opinion, smoking should not be completely banned but there should be some restriction on smokers. Friends we know that in today's time smoking is coming up like as a fashion which can be dangerous for us.

We often see that a boy has not completed 18 is smoking in a park or on a side of road. That boy does not know the side effects of smoking but he is smoking to show up and with a few times this became a habit for him and after that even he wants he cannot leave. So there should be some age restriction that a seller would not sell smoking element to a person who is below 18 and if he will do so then there should be a fine.

Another thing is that friends there are no hard rules for them who smoke in public place. If someone caught smoking on a bus or train he got free with only or rs. But there should be a rule of prison for that person of 1 day, 2 days or even 1 week also.

Smoking ban argument

Aug 22, First, smoking should be banned completely in public places according to the constitutional right to live section with a wide range of taxes. Then smoking should be completely banned in India at a gradual stage.

Prices of tobacco should be raised and non smokers should be given privileges in the country to promote anti tobacco campaign and promote people to leave smoking. Aug 21, I think smoking shouldn't ban completely. I agree that it is injurious to health but everyone has their own choices if they want to do then its upto them.

There is warning on the packet of cigeratte they also can read that and after knowing all the effects they want to do. We can only help them by suggesting no to do smoking by all our heart. Aug 9, In my opinion, smoking should not be banned because if it will be banned then the people who are addicted to smoke may be unable to survive or choose to indulge in even more harmful acts like drinking or drugs.

At last, I would like to conclude that it should not be banned but awareness about its consumption and harmful effects should be increased so that people must think about themselves and their family before smoking.

Jul 18, Hi. In my view, It shouldn't be banned. We have a constitution, where one point describes the human right. There must be a reason behind their smoking.

May b sm1s passion. Or someone gets relaxation. All the smokers know the harmful effects of smoking. Still, they are doing. If they want to kill themselves. Then no1 can save him. If you will ban it. Then there is no guarantee. That he will not try to do such things. We can suggest them with full of heart.

Jun 17, Yes, the smoking should be banned, because we find it as a nuisance in the pavements when we walk when that particular person smokes it causes the environment around him as nasty. When it is banned at least a huge amount of group gets reduced to less and the smoking is really bad to health it can't be understood by people who smoke if there is a ban at least they will have a concern not to smoke in the public and disturb others.

May 30, Smoking should be banned as much as possible it is injuries much health and today's even adults are getting addicted to this smoking so it should be banned. May 18, Smoking is really injurious to health.Credible sources for a good argumentative smoking essay.

To discourage tobacco-smoking habit, various talk shows and seminars are organized. Smoking essay is another tool to tell people about the negative effects of the habit. If possible, there should be a total ban on using tobacco. Statistics and research show that smoking is . Opposition to smoking has been around almost as long as smoking itself, and some of the historical measures to curb lighting up might surprise you.


1. The Pope Cracks Down on Smoke Getty Images. A smoking ban would negate or at least mitigate the damage done to society in this way. I leave this contention with a few questions.

What good is a job if you are not alive or healthy enough to work?

Classifieds Public attention to the problem of smoking cigarettes remains significant; in addition, smoking has undergone radical controlling measures, such as bans from numerous healthcare and governmental organizations.

The deeper issue that never sees the light of day is the hypocrisy of the so called “war on drugs”. This of course is a misnomer for the “war on illegal drugs”. Smokers living in public housing will soon have to find a new place to light up.

Beginning July 31, the U.S.

Is it worth it?

Department of Housing and Urban Development is banning smoking from public housing. Oct 04,  · When the justices took the bench this morning to hear oral argument in District of Columbia v.

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Secondhand Smoke Studies: The Hype and The Deceit