Revisiting two malcolm baldrige national quality

Reflection, self assessment and quality improvement planning 3. The Quality Improvement Plan http:

Revisiting two malcolm baldrige national quality

The Art of Customer Service What goes around comes around when you give customer relations more than lip service By Elisa Kronish Think about the last time you had a get-together in your home. You Revisiting two malcolm baldrige national quality, mopped and even dusted the top shelves; you stored the kids' toys and yours where they belong, double-checked for toilet paper and gussied up a little more than usual.

When guests arrived, you were the gracious host, taking coats, offering drinks, serving appetizers—and they, in turn, were the grateful guests, enjoying the attention, pleased by your warm welcome and resolving to reciprocate soon. Now, think about the most recent customers who visited your facility.

How were they treated? Did you offer them similar heights of hospitality? If you have to stop and think about it, you probably didn't. Everyone talks a good game when it comes to customer service, but it takes more than words to win at it. Learn how to go beyond good customer service and achieve great customer service.

Then you'll have something to talk about—and so will your customers. And the bottom line is that excelling at customer service can expand your bottom line. To gain competitive ground and grow the company, Alamo instituted its "Best Friends" program in Its principle, "Make your customers your best friends; treat them that way and they will always be your customers.

As another example, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has always been rated superior in customer service. From the top down, through every aspect of the business, The Ritz-Carlton employees are taught to uphold the "Gold Standards" that encompass the hotel chain's values and philosophy.

The international hotel chain continues to win guests with its service approach, not to mention major awards. It was the first and only hotel company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which recognizes achievement in the practice of total quality management principles, and is the only service company to win the award twice.

The Ritz-Carlton advocates three service basics that inspire employees' day-to-day interactions with guests: For example, Marlow says, "If it looks like [a guest] has had a bad day up until now, ask them, 'Is there anything I can do at this time to assist you?

Can I get you a cup of tea or coffee? Incorporating such fundamental principles seems a no-brainer, but many companies don't have any plan—and if they do, it's not always followed. Executive Director Mike Trotter says the surveys reveal that some basics are frequently overlooked.

Revisiting two malcolm baldrige national quality

Achieving great customer service has a lot to do with the last of Trotter's recommendations—understanding customer expectations. They exist in the mind of our customer," writes Paul R.

And, he admits, "Sometimes they are accurate and rational, sometimes they aren't.

Revisiting two malcolm baldrige national quality

To deal with them in a productive way, Kate Nasser, president of Somerville, N. One of the expectations of a typical recreation facility-goer might include proper signage, Nasser suggests. Like The Ritz-Carlton, if you already have a reputation for superior service, you can't afford to sit back and ride the wave—years of hard work can be drowned by a few disappointed customers who spread the bad word.PROPOSED RULES Uniform National Discharge Standards for Vessels of the Armed Forces--Phase II Batch Two, NOTICES Agency Philadelphia County Reasonably Available Control Technology under the 8-Hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Judges Panel of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality.

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award which incorporates CSR under its leadership criteria 1. 2 public responsibility and citizenship.

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This criteria asks the following with regard to . The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recognizes U.S. organizations in the business, health care, education, and nonprofit sectors for performance excellence.

The Baldrige Award is the only formal recognition of the performance excellence of both public and private U.S.

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organizations given by the President of the United States. The first category article orientation includes conceptual, case study, empirical, analytical, simulation, and overview articles, while the second category article focus includes the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) criteria.

We suggest that these two elements of school effectiveness must be integrated and unified. Heretofore, researchers have referred to two curricula operating in the school.

-Rulon F. Stacey, Ph.D., FACHE, Chair, Board of Overseers, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and Managing Director, Navigant Consulting "This is simply an outstanding book on Leadership! It is conceptually deep, yet is highly pragmatic in its D.

A. Benton, Kylie Wright-Ford.

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