Lubricating oil additives

What are Oil Additives?

Lubricating oil additives

Please refer to our Error Message Reference. Today, millions of bottles of Prolong products have been sold all over the world. The way I talk to friends about prolong. You would think I own this company. I have been using these products starting in with the Engine treatment.

Now I use everything you make. I cut grass for a living, and make a good living doing it. At one of my kids birthday party I thought about a good prolong engine treatment demonstration.

I got out a yard man push mower,with a 4. It uses a splash system for lubrication. Well…the machine holds 1 us qt of SAE 30 of oil. I poured 2 oz of engine treatment in the engine and cranked it up. I did give it a try, based on hearing how good it was. I am a believer!

I have used the product in the shade, in scorching sun, in the garage, and every time, I get a beautiful shine, reminiscent of a good wax job, without the annoying build-up.

I have used it as a touch-up when my wife parks under a tree, and it works on chrome, paint and the painted plastic accents on my truck.

On behalf of the entire Jam-Air Motorsports team, we are pleased to report that we opened the season by winning the event at Barona on Saturday night and have taken the early season points lead.

Without your support and the efforts of the guys who do all the work on the car, none of it would be possible.

Since discovering Prolong products, six or seven years ago, I have used both your Engine Treatment and Transmission Treatment religiously. The results are so amazing that a note seemed in order. The original automatic transmission is continuing to shift smoothly as designed.

My mechanic friend is extremely impressed by the engine and transmission performance.Anti-wear additives prevent direct metal-to-metal contact between the machine parts when the oil film is broken down.

Use of anti-wear additives results in longer machine life due to higher wear and score resistance of the components. cat pump oil 21 oz bottle premium quality lubricating oil fortified with additives to reduce friction, foaming and corrosion.

Additives typically make up about to 30 percent of the finished lubricating oil, depending upon the target application of the lubricant. Lubricant additives are expensive chemicals, and creating the proper mix or formulation of additives is . 1: Antifogging.

Antifogging compound. Foggone anti-fogging compound. NSN New old stock. fluid ounce. Mfg by River Side MFG. Find lubricants for your vehicle: Engine Oil, Grease, Antifreeze, Coolant Read our advice corner for recommendations about oil. Major Oil Companies.

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Lubricating oil additives

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