Gary soto 1996 essay

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Gary soto 1996 essay

He has memorably portrayed the life, work, and joys of the Mexican American agricultural laborer.

An Analytical Essay of an Exerpt of Gary Soto's A Summer Life, essay by Eliza Cornelis

Furthermore, he has done this with great poetic skill. He has an eye for the telling image in his poetry and prose, and he has the ability to create startling and structurally effective metaphors.

Each of his poems has a design. One aspect of that design is his frequent use of an ironic reversal to resolve the poetic structure. His style is concrete and rooted in the language of the fields and the barrio. One of the earliest and most persistent is his view of the natural world as a wasteland.

''The Pie'' by Gary Soto | Essay Example

Although he uses natural imagery, nature is never benign or pastoral. It is, instead, harsh and unrelenting. It scars those who are nakedly exposed to it from dawn to nightfall. His heroes are obliterated from that world; they cannot and do not transcend it.

Soto does, however, modulate his bleak view of the human condition when he writes about childhood. That state is filled with a quest for knowledge and experience.

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In the later poems, Soto contrasts the bleak conditions of his childhood with the innocence and privilege of his own daughter. The daughter is shocked to see that poor and troubled image of her apparently powerful father.

Gary soto 1996 essay

Soto did not alter his pessimistic view of the world as he grew older and prospered. There are seldom more than three stresses to a line, and the lines often run on, creating the effect of a rapid flow of images hurrying to reach a final resolving line.

He uses occasional metaphors, but his primary poetic device is imagery. The poems are packed with images that follow one another, often creating a structural design. Because the poems deal with the Chicano experience in the field or in the street, the language is always concrete and dense in detail.

Soto does not write many long poems; nearly all are short lyrics. If he does expand a poem, he does so by creating a longer poem that has many separate sections. Soto uses irony consistently in his poems.

He seems chary of ending a poem with a positive statement or image. The last few lines often reverse or sardonically comment on what went before. These ironic structures convey his bleak view of a world in which everything passes away, including any sign of the poor inhabitants.

Gary soto 1996 essay

Soto is concerned not only with the fact of death but also with whether individuals can leave any sign of their presence on an indifferent universe.

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